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Limeburners Distillery

When Cameron Syme set up Great Southern Distilling Company in 2004, he had one goal – to make the best spirits in the world.  


Today, Cameron has established and owns 3 distilleries, two under the Great Southern Distilling Co, banner and one distillery operates under Margaret River Distilling Co. In these distilleries Cameron has been producing award-winning Australian Whisky and Gin for over 15 years.  


Limeburners came to us for a redesign of their website. It was all about showing the product with a backdrop of the Great South West where it has been produced. 


We wanted the visual impact to be aligned with this award winning Whisky's market positioning. 


From humble beginnings, to an undisputed World Class Whisky - Limeburners Premium Single Malt has become a world-renowned and multi-award-winning whisky, a timeless classic, and a great modern day Australian success story. 


As the flagship brand of Great Southern Distilling Company, Limeburners is where the dream to distil the world’s best whisky began for its founder and master distiller, Cameron Syme. 


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