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Wix Websites for Resources Sector

we know what makes a good mining website 

Mining company websites

Perfect for larger organizations

Wix allows you to have separate departments that each maintain their own part of the website.

Dynamic pages

Wix allows you to create large websites that are set up with dynamic pages, to allow you to manage very large numbers of pages as a simple database spreadsheet.

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Complex systems

Wix is supported by a thousands of Apps and has the ability to program and code. This allows Wix to deliver any functionality you require.

Highest Security

Wix is the most secure platform to build and host your website in the world. Wix consists of one single organisation that takes care of all the updates and firewalls for you. This makes it impossible for hackers to hack into your site directly.

Unleash Design is the Wix Ambassador for WA and as such receives 24/7 VIP Wix support. Any issue with your site can thus be solved within a few hours.

Get a Quote

Every website is different, with a different target group and different goals. You can give us a call at the number below to discuss your requirements with us, or click below for a quote by email.

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