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Payon Global

PAYON GLOBAL is an intelligent payment solution, designed specifically for the Hospitality and Supermarket industries.  Using American Express to pay supplier accounts, allows the retailer's cash to stay in their business for up to 51 days longer

Business freedom can be at your finger tips, with the added bonus of American Express reward points for every dollar spent. That's what we call a win win! All transactions through PayOn Global have the ease of being directed straight into your accounting system. 

Payon Global have come to us for a redesign of a website that was not working for them both aesthetically and functionally.


We suggested that the logo and colours are not contemporary looking and  we agreed to add new Logo design and some branding direction. 


Even suppliers win, when their clients are encouraged to pay them earlier. Plus, they create a loyalty based program with their customers. 

Are you a supplier looking to take advantage of PayOn Global? Contact us today!

We have designed this system to be as simple as possible to give you Peace Of Mind, with the added bonus of speaking to a customer service representative if you ever need it.

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