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Website Maintenance And Support 

making sure your digital business is doing well

Website Support & Maintenance

The TLC it needs to grow

A website is not a street sign. For it to be visible it needs periodic attention. Google wants to see that the website in maintained, the content gets changed occasionally and that the improvement recommendations Google makes are not being ignored. It is important for your business to see and measure the amount of traffic coming to your site and how they behave once on the website. So that the website could be optimised and provide a better service to your potential clients.




Our Support 

There when you need it

You can call us and speak to our support staff here in Australia. We’ll help you with any Wix related issue no matter how complicated or difficult. From Technical issues to editor related questions, social media, blog, SEO, app configuration and any other issue with your website



Quarterly Site Reporting

Track and Tune

Each month we send you a report with the statistics on how well your website is doing. The report specifies who is getting to your website, where they are coming from, how they have arrived and what they did once on the website. Each quarter you will receive a list of recommendations based on the numbers in the monthly reports. These could be addressed with the support staff.




The C in TLC

Our specialists will run an inspection of the website using our website assessment tools. They will correct any vulnerabilities they come across which are posing a risk for the website and add these to the monthly report as well as any recommendations that could be discussed with the support team.



Annual Website review

Deep Dive

Our annual review is the key service in this package. It takes all aspects measured over the year into account and makes specific recommendations on how to do a correct optimisation of the website so that it achieves the two main goals of the website. 

  • Appease Google. Make the search engine like your website, understand what your business is about and who/where is your target customer at. 

  • Optimise the user experience so that the people landing on your site would find it appealing, understand how to navigate through the content with ease and convert. 

  • Website review and report done by two different experts in SEO and User Experience.

  • Loading Time optimisation on 10 key pages. 

  • Website Backup 

  • Broken link scan and fixing 

  • 3 hours Digital Strategy and design to implement and maintain best practice current user experience guidelines.

  • Complete security scan to keep your website safe from vulnerabilities.



Relevant Content

Make it interesting and informative to come to your website

Google algorithms are clever. They measure how people move on your website.


You want your visitors to find quickly what they are looking for and then stay for more because they find something of value and interest to them.


There is an affordable way to get e.g blog articles from $50 per article. We have tried freelance writers, but you don't know what you get. We use  Partica, you can browse content that your visitors might find interesting, read and purchase, change it if you like. Buy pre-written articles for your website, blog, email and social campaigns Download, edit & post quality written articles.

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